Google Earth Used to Spot North Korean Labor Camp

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Launch of North Korea's Unha-3 rocket, Dec. 12, 2012. AP Photo.

North Korea appears to be both a danger plus an enigma. In latest days, it has boasted which its ballistic missiles are a danger to the United States, however difficult info is difficult to receive from which surprisingly shut communist nation.

American intelligence agencies observe North Korea truly carefully, so does Curtis Melvin, a Ph.D. economics student at George Mason University inside Virginia.  He keeps a website called North Korean Economy Watch, that has become anything of the clearinghouse for individuals that like to understand much more about the nation below Kim Jong Un. To get information, he utilizes these sources because online magazines, Korean TV newscasts, accounts from defectors that share their experiences — plus Google Earth.

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Now, he reports, he has spotted what is the perimeter of the new prison camp (a kwan-li-so inside the area language), hidden inside the mountains of North Korea.  Based about his discover, another website, One Free Korea, posted 2 pictures from Google Earth, the initially shot by an Earth-observing satellite inside December 2006.

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One Free Korea/Google Earth

Google Earth has merely posted fresh pictures of the same place, shot with a different satellite inside September 2011, plus Melvin states there are signs a fresh camp will have been set up.

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One Free Korea/Google Earth

“I hope I am completely incorrect about this,” he wrote inside an e-mail to ABC News. “However, the center bears a great resemblance to alternative recognized prison camps inside the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea].”

Melvin mentioned he visited North Korea inside 2004 plus 2005, plus has been viewing it because.  With aid from others that are interested regarding which rather shut society, he has spotted rocket release websites, palaces — plus, apparently, gulags, a few of them bigger inside region than sprawling cities.  There appear to be at smallest half a dozen main camps, plus some analysts say they hold over 100,000 prisoners.

“After 7 years,” he mentioned, “I have accumulated a colossal amount of satellite imagery which has been employed to show the development of new factories, expansion of the electricity grid, the spread of markets, hot military infrastructure plus, sadly, obvious changes inside the incarceration program.”