New York Uber Uber

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Score another for government control, corruption, plus general silliness. New York’s TLC threw down the glove a whilst ago found on the “Uber” application that enables taxi plus “black car” motorists to arrange rides over the Internet. This isn’t the first-time TLC has acted all crazy plus stuff. Wait, incorrect TLC. Oh well — the sentence 2 past for this 1 applies even without the link.

You can’t fight City Hall — in the end, this might be the same commission that magically decided to substitute each taxi inside NY with Japanese minivans assembled inside Mexico which didn’t really exist at the time of the choice, plus nobody mentioned nothing, yo. No surprise, then, which Uber is exiting Gotham like Batman riding which bomb out to the ocean inside the last Dark Knight movie.

Sorry for spoiling the movie for we, should you haven’t enjoyed it. But, it turns out which Batman wasn’t found on the airplane. He really checked certain code into Wayne Enterprises’ subversion or ClearCase or whatever which fixed the autopilot, plus he’s dangling out inside Italy with Anne Hathaway. Because he totally had a bunch of time to code whilst he was busy saving the globe. I like to believe which the autopilot was created inside GNU C++, by the means. However anyway, he isn’t dead.

Oh, really. Then I’m absolutely sorry. Additionally, the chick inside the Crying Game became a guy. And Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze. I need to stop carrying this out. DARTH VADER IS LUKE’S FATHER AND ALSO LEIA IS HIS SISTER SO WHAT WAS THAT WHOLE KISS ABOUT WHEN HE CAME OUT OF THE WEIRD HEALING TANK OOOOH?

Where were you? Yes. Uber. According to The Verge, Uber asked everybody to come inside for their checks this month — plus hand inside a telephone when you’re at it, please. This shutdown just applies to Ubertaxi: the “Black Car” service is still up. For today. However possibly not for lengthy. Because Uber is the smartphone application the city deserves, however not the 1 it demands at the moment.

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