Marchionne Interview Reveals Product Bonanza For Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge And Alfa. Lancia Is SOL.

An interview inside July’s Automobile magazine has Sergio Marchionne placing to rest a amount of future product plans for Chrysler, amidst them, the conclusive fate of the minivan.

Speculation has been brewing over that of the active minivan twins usually reside about, plus that will be come a crossover. Sergio himself claims which “the owner of the minivan is Dodge”, plus which the fresh Grand Caravan is a more exciting car, despite keeping the classic minivan qualities. The Town & Country may become a Mercedes R-Class kind car which is more European deluxe than up-to-date Chrysler Pacifica. A range of 4-cylinder plus V6 motors in addition to front plus all-wheel drive is accessible for both cars whenever they launch about 2015.

The upcoming Chrysler 220 is based found on the same architecture because the Dodge Dart (i.e. the Alfa Giulietta platform) plus be sized about inside line with all the Audi A4. A sedan, coupe plus convertible can all be accessible, with 4 plus 6-cylinder choices. Chrysler may continue to offer cars for Lancia, yet the brand’s future looks dim, with Marchionne expressing small interest inside investing resources into Lancia. The Chrysler 100 hatch takes a whilst to appear – Automobile cites a release date of 2016, that appears like too lengthy.

Jeep is considered by Marchionne to be among the 2 “global brands” (together with Alfa Romeo), plus Marchionne states which all future goods might have a Trail Rated variation. The fresh Liberty, based found on the Giulietta architecture, usually launch inside Detroit upcoming year, with a host of different goods to adhere to. Among them are a unique “Jeepster” (a subcompact with an Alfa version), a brand-new Compass along with a full-size SUV dubbed the “Grand Wagoneer”.

Dodge can lose the Durango, Avenger plus Caliber because Marchionne seeks to trim the brand lineups to about 5 cars every, when Fiat may continue and a 500-based lineup, including a 500 Zagato, 500L, 500XL (presumably the 7-seat version) as well as the 500X crossover, synonymous to the Mini Countryman. And finally, Marchionne claims more is from SRT. The post doesn’t quotation him about anything, however, suggests SRT versions of the Dart, Journey along with a potential SRT Barracuda which may equally provide method to a brand-new Alfa sedan utilizing the same platform. Marchionne did strain which the Dodge muscle vehicles should evolve, instead of re-invent themselves. As far because precision goes, the post almost confirmed the MX-5 based Alfa Spider, plus was presumably created lengthy before the announcement was produced. Hopefully the rest is merely because exact.

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