France Is Going Down On Us

If anybody is hoping for a turn-around of the European vehicle marketplace, whether it is Opel, PSA, or Pch101, January certainly wasn’t the month it occurred. Some persons, whom receive paid a great deal of revenue for a truly long-term vision, believe you need to wait years for the turn-around. The French auto marketplace dropped  15 % inside January, with “Volkswagen plus U.S. carmakers leading the drop,” Reuters reports. Massive sales subsidies of 2,000 euros ($ 2,700) per automobile, reintroduced inside October inside Spain,  couldn’t reverse the Spanish marketplace. It dropped 9.6 %.

In France, sales of PSA Peugeot Citroen, were down 16.7 %.  PSA’s partner GM “fared worse,” claims Reuters. Combined French registrations by General Motors dropped 21.2 %. Ford sales plummeted 35.3 % inside France. Volkswagen group sales  were down 23.9 %.

Renault did beat the marketplace with just a 7.4 percent drop. Reuters states this was due to “a 9.9 % gain for the low-cost Dacia brand, because scarce customers gravitated to “crisis cars” including the no-frills Sandero compact plus Duster SUV.”

Sales inside Italy fell 17.58 % inside January to 113,525 cars.

Germany might publish sales about Monday.

The Truth Regarding Cars

The rightful winner The year 2013 starts with a scandal in the usually buttoned-up circle of  auto analysts at America’s brokerage and research houses. For more than a year, TTAC has graded the predictions of analysts, as published by Bloomberg, against (hopefully real) data published by OEMs a few days later. In all that time, … Continue reading